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  • Implementation of the materials for construction and furniture production by manufacturers
  • Building and engineering works, reconstruction of buildings of any complexity
  • Furniture for individual projects

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The main idea of ​​the company - filling the Kazakhstan market with high quality building materials from the best manufacturers. Our company's products used in more than 150 cities in Kazakhstan. Engaged in selling construction materials from the best manufacturers, and sells furniture manufactured by our company. Ana Saudais an exclusive distributor of world famous companies such as Kayaker Kimya,Dinckim,Denlaks,Polikam, which produce goods of world standards. The company offers a wide range of paints, which are equally good for both indoor and outdoor applications, polyurethane foam sealants, adhesives and other building materials, interior design and furniture.

Production «GENC»

  • Polyurethane varnishes «Genc»
  • Nitrocellulose varnishes «Genc»
  • Acrylic varnishes «Genc»
  • Polyestersanding sealer «Genc»
  • Polyurethane paints and primers «Genc»
  • Nitrocellulose paints and primers «Genc»
  • Acrylic paints and primers «Genc»
  • Synthetic paints and primers «Genc»
  • Wood stain «Genctex»
  • Wood protector with varnish «Genclux»
  • Coloured  transparent varnishes «Genc»
  • Parquet varnishes «Genc»
  • Yacht varnishes «Genc»
  • Thinners «Genc»
  • Paint remover «Genc»

Production «DENLAKS»  

  • Adhesives for footwear production
  • Adhesives for textiles and laminates industry
  • Adhesives for furniture production
  • Adhesives for transportation industry
  • Adhesives for paper and packaging industry
  • Adhesives for parquet floor

Production «SIBA», «AKKIM»

  • Silicone sealant
  • Polyurethane foam