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  • Implementation of the materials for construction and furniture production by manufacturers
  • Building and engineering works, reconstruction of buildings of any complexity
  • Furniture for individual projects

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Production base “Anakon” Ltd


         Production base “Anakon” Ltd is located on the territory of the Karasai district on the outskirts of Almaty, the total area of 2 he. Design works through the technical tasks “Anakon” Ltd., were fully implemented. The complex of this work includes the following: 

- 2 warehouses, with the sizes 24x64 m;

- 2 production plants to produce building materials, the total area of 1200 sq.m;

plant for the concrete mixtures production, capacity 90 cubic meters / hour (production facilities made of metal frame, walls fence and roof made of sandwich panels with a polymer coating);

- guard house 132 sq,m;

- office: stand-alone sewerage system, independent heating, held a central water system.

      Office space (2 levels) was extending total area - 600 sq.m. Monolithic frame filled with foam concrete blocks were implemented.

      Finishing the interior with the use of modern materials.

List of services               

      “ANA Insaat” (ANA Construction) division offers different engineering and building services, including planning, projecting, contracting, fulfilling of different types of works, technical service and modification, all up to open-key deal. Our experience lets us to carry out different projects, using the most contemporary technologies.

  • Construction and reconstruction of industrial buildings, housing and office buildings.
  • Decoration works for banks, restaurants, offices, nightclubs etc.
  • Installation of security systems.
  • Installation of energy supply systems, high-voltage cables, generators.
  • Installation of underground telecommunication systems.
  • Installation of reinforced security walls, door and windows.
  • Installation of lightning systems.

·         Consulting services for design of manufactured products

Wood manufacturing  

       Taking into consideration changing necessities of our clients, “ANA Insaat Construction Company” started to develop another type of production – wood manufacturing. It allowed us to produce different wood goods, such as windows, doors, mini-saunas etc., most of all according to characteristics of building goods. We have reasonable prices and high-quality of our production.

       We produce window and door blocks, stained-glass windows, stairs and many other products by newest technologies, using ecological materials only.


Goods and services

  • Laminated chipboards, PVS – cutting out and welt with edges, polished laminated chipboards, wood, MDF-facades, accessories, MDF-profiles, desk boards: selling by wholesale and retail.
  • Plastic materials, decoration materials and insulating materials.
  • Special ground-type coverings for special objects, ancient marble, boards, ceramic tile, clue, slug, heating systems under order, sandwich – panels.
  • Decoration materials: slate, aluminum coverings, dry construction mixtures, mosaics for pools, decoration panels for walls. 


Manufactured products        

The company produces furniture using modern Italian technology, wood processing, supply of equipment for furniture production, manufacture of office and residential furniture on a by-order basis, as well as doors and windows.

        "ANA" LLP – is the exclusive distributor of high quality furniture, MDF profiles, paint and coatings, sealants. In addition, the company engages in interior design and decoration works and provides professional consulting services in this area. The company has representative offices all over Kazakhstan.

         Furniture manufactures on the basis of individual order and design. Office and living furniture such as: kitchen cabinets, bedrooms, children cabinets, hall cabinets, etc. Materials, used in process of manufacturing are natural wood and laminated chipboard.

       Furniture produced by world-class masters using high-technical machines. Kitchen sizes are variable.

  • Office furniture – director’s cabinets and staff cabinets.
  • Compartment-drawers. Delivery and installation are free-of-charge!

      We produce modern and functional office furniture, able to create new decision for workspace, harmonious and rational work area.

      Our furniture consists of blocks which allow doing personal and joint work places arrangement.

      The furniture, produced by our experts for your house will organically be entered in any interior design.

      The corps produced of laminated chipboards with completing parts and accessories. The façade is produced from different materials and profiles with usage of MDF, plastic, glass, aluminium by choice of our client.

   Also we propose consulting services for design of manufactured products.

“ANA Sauda” division          

      The main goal of the company is to fulfill Kazakhstan market by highly qualified building materials of the best manufactures.

      The production of our company is used in more than 150 cities of Kazakhstan. «Ana Sauda» is working on selling building materials, produced by word’s best companies, and furniture produced by our company.

      The company is an exclusive distributor of world famous companies such as “Kayalar Kimya”, “Dinckim”, “Denlaks”, which produce products in accordance with world standards.

      “Ana Sauda” can offer the wide range of paint and varnish materials, which are suitable as for the inside as for the outside usage, polyurethane foam, encapsulates, glue and etc.     

Production «GENC»

  • Polyurethane varnishes «Genc»
  • Nitrocellulose varnishes «Genc»
  • Acrylic varnishes «Genc»
  • Polyestersanding sealer «Genc»
  • Polyurethane paints and primers «Genc»
  • Nitrocellulose paints and primers «Genc»
  • Acrylic paints and primers «Genc»
  • Synthetic paints and primers «Genc»
  • Wood stain «Genctex»
  • Wood protector with varnish «Genclux»
  • Coloured  transparent varnishes «Genc»
  • Parquet varnishes «Genc»
  • Yacht varnishes «Genc»
  • Thinners «Genc»
  • Paint remover «Genc»

Production «DENLAKS»  

  • Adhesives for footwear production
  • Adhesives for textiles and laminates industry
  • Adhesives for furniture production
  • Adhesives for transportation industry
  • Adhesives for paper and packaging industry
  • Adhesives for parquet floor


Production «SIBA», «AKKIM»

  • Silicone sealant
  • Polyurethane foam